Video Gallery

Videos can be powerful tools for change. LICADHO Canada (LC), in cooperation with LICADHO, produces videos to highlight events, campaigns, and human rights violations. These videos are used by communities, development partners, campaigns, social media and the international media as video evidence of events.

Our partner WITNESS provides editing, technical, and training support to LC and its partners through online correspondence and in-country intensive workshops.


Youth Beaten Bloody in Borei Keila Occupation Clampdown (February 2014)

When Prayers Meet Suppression: Calling for the Release of the 23 (January 2014)

Workers & Political Activists under Attack in Cambodia (January 2014)

Freedom of Assembly in Cambodia (November 2014)
All Khmer and English videos can be found on LICADHO/LICADHO Canada YouTube channel and on LICADHO website, or by following LICADHO Canada on Facebook and LICADHO Canada on Twitter.